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Winter Tires

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Hello All,

Very happy with my 2022 Kona N! But I am having a bit of difficulty researching replacement wheels and rubber for Winter driving here in Canada.
The dealership told me that steelies won't fit over the calipers (no kidding!) and did not have any wheel recommendations so I am looking for some cheap winter wheel alternatives, and if possible move to an 18".

Does anyone have any experience or thoughts specifically for the Kona N?

Much appreciated!
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Just pulled the trigger and put down a deposit! I’m really excited. Thanks for your input!
Even managed to get $3k off.
Congrats man! Can't wait to see pics of the new whip!
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Anyone know if 245/45/19’s will fit? I’d love to get one more season out of a nearly new set of winters I bought for my wife’s old car before I spring for a new set.
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