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K. Not sure how this is going to pan out just yet. I have been reading on how to make a coating to make (plastic) surfaces more hydrophobic. I have hit upon 2 that seem super simple and am playing with this first method currently. We have just started hitting into that sloppy phase of winter whereby the snow is like wet glue, routinely blocking the FCA Radar.
First method: Dissolve 5g (5ml) of RTV silicone (preferably clear) into 50ml of paint thinner (Varsol) This might take a bit, as you really have to keep agitating to get it all mixed together, then brush onto the surface of the sensor cover and let dry thoroughly. This too, may take a bit when cold, as silicone likes to be warm to cure. Hence, RTV = Room Temperature Vulcanizing. I started with this method as I had the materials available and if needed, I should be able to remove the products with a good scrubby and cleaning product.

Link to the article here: type=answer

Will monitor the above method and report back on its efficacy.

The second method was even more intriguing, in that it uses common clear coat paint and (unscented) antiperspirant spray. Mask off the sensor cover and then apply a light coat of clear coat and then before it cures, spray over again with the antiperspirant. The ingredient, Cyclopentasiloxane, in the antiperspirant is the active compound that will repel the moisture.

Link to the article here:

I've yet to try the second method, as I'm still waiting to test the first. I also am uncertain as to how durable either of these two methods will be, given everybody's driving conditions will differ. If anyone else uses either of these methods let us know your results here as well!
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