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What did you do to your Hyundai Kona today?

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Share what you did today with the Hyundai Kona community!

Example: Went ot the dealership and picked up my Kona!

Example: Finally got my window tints done, now I can't open my windows for a week

Example: Detailed the the interior and applied leather protectant on the seats.

Anything goes!
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The irony of that comment is Sat night I worked on the car all day and all night until 4am.... I'm running into some challenging hurdles to overcome regarding a few elements of my headlight build design. When I get really into a project, I can't sleep. Tonight I plan on sleeping though so I don't die.

Uhh soooooo, I got all the eyebrow parts painted and today I got them reassembled so technically that's Phase3B completed. Phase3C is headlights and that one is gonna be a doozy, 3D is front bumper touchup repairs. Video of those upper lights is already in production, but there's always a huge lag between actually finishing a project and the content getting published. I'm a builder, fabricator, artist, 12v tech, etc... but certainly NOT a marketer or social media person.
Oh I am so excited for what I've got cookin for all ya'll.

I intended on publishing the rear lower light makeover pics today but it was too late by the time I could get to it. So those'll go live tomorrow along with the YT video of em in action.

Rear wiper delete is finally done, complete with DIY how-to video in the queue for release.

Made great progress on the headlights and they look super dope so far. Currently waiting for additional parts arriving Monday.

Deleted the backseat today.... I knew before I bought the car that I was going to get rid of that thing but I had postponed it until I had some downtime. Also installed the rear dashcam today and ran the wiring even though the front cam is in my daily. Just preppin!

Photoshopped up some renderings for Phase3D and am pretty settled in on the design objectives...although very unsettled as to how to accomplish them at this point. :)
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K, it's been a productive hot minute. Headlights got built and then those and the upper lights got put on the car. Most of the wiring is done but there's a few more lil diag investigate things to do. All the parts have been purchased for Phase 3D and got a solid gameplan now but gotta finish 3C first. Oh, 3B is 100% complete now. So here's a completed pic of Phase 3B!
Sleeve Bag Rectangle Linens Zipper

Here's more pictures/videos of them in action: And the YT video of em:

I'm pretty much putting the Kona onto the backburner for now. I'll still be rolling out what got accomplished but I've got a huge client job for the rest of the month to chip away at while I build a new driveway. I'm really excited about February. :D Also, fun factoid, the headlights are friggin amaaaaaaziiiiiiiiiingggggggg.
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Since I can't be working on it, I got my mechanic to install the Eibach lowering springs yesterday morning. She's sittin pretty about 1.5" lower now and it looks proper. And that's gonna hafta hold me over for the remainder of February, lol.
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Had Earl’s Performance Brake Hose kit (Front & Rear) installed. Any of you that hate the inflated feel of the pedal or don’t like the odd sudden stops, highly recommend you try it out. Love the feeling, buttery smooth stops. I’ll get to the pads eventually but this is a step in the right direction for what I want my little rocket to do. Not much that can be done to the EV model and trying to do big brake kit, isn’t ideal at this point. We’ll see where we are in a few months.
I was on the Velossa Tech website this morning looking at the Big Mouth Scoop myself and noticed no hint of an "N-Line" description on any of the products. I did start to get curious about other cars that have the same engine and if that Scoop would still work. In theory I would hope it would aside from some fitment issues. Though the engine compartment may be completely different between different models with the same engine as well.

I'm sure I missed some detail but from what I gather the 2020 Elantra Sport has the same engine as my 2022 N-Line. Velossa Tech makes a Big Mouth for that car. What are the chances it would work on my Kona with the expectation I'd have to mod it some?

Went to install the big mouth air intake from SoCalGarageworks only to find out it's the wrong part. I reached out, the company they get them from now says on their site, for N where it originally had it as N/Nline. . . so the part I have looks completely different from what SoCal ha on their site and looks like it would work, whereas the one on the Velossa Tech Site is what I HAVE, and completely different from where I bought it, lol
I did an oil change today! Upgraded to Fram Ultra and trying Mobil 1 FS 5w-30 instead of using OEM with Kirkland Brand 5w - 30. I'm at 54000 miles! My beautiful Kona is really loving the oil change!! I felt really bad after dinging a curb so bad that my steering wheel was off center. Thankfully, I didn't need a new wheel or tire and my local mechanic fixed all of my alignment issues but I still felt so bad. Luckily it wasn't the new wheels I'm thinking of buying.
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  • Cabin Air Filter
  • Air Filter
  • Window Defectors
  • Washed
  • Vacuumed
  • Rubbed with Love

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