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Trailer hitch convertor wiring

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Last night I was talking to a guy at Curt Manufacturing about the less then friendly access to rear tail light wires on the Kona. I finally was able to get him to look into their paperwork on designing and installing their hitch on the Kona. It looks their engineers also had some fun (sarcastic) with trying to wire a converter into the car. I appears Curt will be making a "plug and play "converter that will plug into factory plugs. But it could take them as long as 1-2 months from today's date since they have to get the plugs shipped, assembled and final testing on their production models. Too late for 1/2 the year of Minnesota boating season already gone.

I hope to try some 12 volt wire tester pokings to see if a wire loom inside the back area contains the wires I need to tap into and go ahead and install the universal Curt converter I purchased . The wires are very thin in this car, so I am not looking forward to tapping. If will work I think I will go to a local car stereo installer and get some high end quality wire taps from them to do the job right. I will post my findings when they become available.
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Out of curiousity, what will you be hauling?
900 lbs boat, 94 Lund Rebel with 2017 Suzuki 25 hp. In Europe this exact suv is rated for 2,800 lbs w/brakes, 600 lbs wo/brakes.

Awesome! I wondered what the euro max was - weird that the US models have it as not recommended.
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