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Test Drive Today Was Good.

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On my 4th Hyundai. 2 Elantras, 1 Santa Fe, now the Veracruz. Test drove the Kona in Chester, VA today. The engine had great pickup to get up to interstate speed. Controls were easy to access. Great brakes. Went to see what the "surf" blue looked like. That's a lot of blue for my"our" taste. Need to see the green & the charcoal ones next. The rear seating does not have a lot of leg room. We must see the Ultimate Kona with all the bells & whistles.
Question?? Is Wi-Fi to be installed in the Kona Ultimate this year?
I hope Chevy is not the only ones.
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Hi Bill,

Can you tell us what model you drove? 2.0 or 1.6 turbo?
Yeah I'm not sure which model includes it, but I've seen 4G Wi-Fi connectivity listed in the Kona's options. Its not surprising considering the Kona's size, that space in the rear of the cabin is a little lacking.
I just bought one -- a red SEL with the tech pkg, and the 2.0 engine. I thought I was going to be wanting the turbo, but after ten years behind the wheel of a Prius, the 2.0 was like driving a Corvette -- well, maybe not quite, but very adequate, and exactly what I was looking for. I agree about the back seat leg room. If the car has a fault, that would be it. But ... the wife and I are mainly the passengers. On those occasions when the back seat is occupied, we can make do.

On the plus side, the power is fine, seats are comfortable, handles well, the suspension is nice and tight and does a good job with the usual bumps -- far better than a Mazda 3 hatch I recently drove, and similar to a 2018 Subaru Crosstrek. Oh, and it's a great looking machine -- gotten several admiring glances. The wife and I are very pleased.
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El Castor, thanks

Did you pay full msrp or got a discount?
MSRP. Yes, yes, I know. Please don't rub it in. I've been lusting after the d*** thing for six months, and they were able to get exactly what I wanted, in the color I wanted, and gave me a decent trade on the Prius. )-8

Still, so far I love the car. (-8
Nothing wrong with paying msrp for a high-demand new car.
Kia dealers are asking 5-8 K over msrp for the new Stringer and some of them even get it.
I’m in ohio..I want the awd sel with tech pkg..thunder gray...none available here yet...I haven’t even test drove it yet..I saw it at car show.sat in it but
...nobody knows when they will get them...I want this car like yesterday!
Just bought a red Kona Limited. Been wanting one since it was at the LA auto show. First car that I was willing to trade my beloved 2004 Tiburon for. Love the Kona so far!
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Finally today we had a test drive. Kona SEL with the non turbo 2.0 L and 6-speed automatic, front wheel drive. The Chico dealer didn't have a Limited or Ultimate.
I'm comparing it to our 8 year old, 2010 Kia Soul.
The dimensions are almost the same. The engine, horsepower and torque are nearly identical. Suspension is similar, rear torsion bars. The Kona has a 6-speed against the Soul's 4-speed, both automatics.
Having said that, I was pleasantly surprised. Side by side, the Soul feels like a little old truck, while the Kona is like an overgrown Mini Cooper. Smoother, quicker, more fun.
I am 180 lbs, 5'10, and I had the driver seat all the way back to be comfortable. The manual seat is much better in the Kona. After the test drive when the salesman got out I sat in the back and I was fine.
I missed that there are no AC vents for the rear passengers; the Soul doesn't have any either.
Compared to our 2015 Santa Fe Sport turbo, the Kona felt much more nimble and easier to drive in tight spots and parking lots. The rear camera display is bigger; the Soul doesn't have one, 2010 Kia.
I was concerned with the rear suspension, but it is more pleasant than the 8-year old Kia. The Koreans learned a lot since 2010.
I was in sport mode all the time, and used the snifter occasionally. No complaints.
My plan is to get the turbo if I can live with the DCT transmission; that will take a much longer test drive.
On the other hand, if the turbo wasn't calling my inner hoodlum, I'd take the non-turbo Kona SEL in a minute and be happy with it.
The car looks better than the pictures, with most cars the opposite is true.
On the SEL the AC and radio controls were super easy, I think the Limited might be more complex.
In summary, I think the Kona is a perfect vehicle for two people with a small child or with a dog.
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To relate to my test drive, it was nice. Always bought med to bigger vehicles and fully loaded, this compact SUV was replacing my 2007 Matrix Theory sporty drive toyota. Sporty because it stuck to the road with front upper stabilizer bar, etc. Back to test ride, found the 2.0 engine fairly well sized, if you punched it / it moved . Put it in sports mod and much zippier, but sucks down fuel. For what ever reason when doing the test drive, never tried sport mod, had no clue. Comparing to the 1.6 turbo test ride, day and night change, if you really need zooom zooom feeling. Very impressed with 1.6, but old timer very leary of turbo's and long range life span. Got the SEL with extra package features, for safety and new 2020 insurance regulations that will penalize vehicles without these extra safety features ! First vehicle in years not fully loaded, but just our local run around ! A few personal likes and dislikes, one being very short rear trunk space when seats up. Disappointed no option for GPS, in lower models ! For two people, it seems great ! Maybe lucky, but did not compare to any other brands, just happened to look into hyundai dealership, after toyota ! Our first Hyundia ! Only considered this after so many improvements over the last 20 years for Hyundia ! My first old impressions were how the vehicles rotted out and fell apart before last payments done ! 25 years ago ! Happy to hear so many comparison by people, that this kona is good looking choice to others ! Thanks all.
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