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Some Bling Bling For The KN

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My parts finally arrived from Korea today, despite Fedex's best efforts at delaying delivery for over two weeks, but I digress. The parts are very nice quality and the finish is flawless.

The door striker covers and door handle inserts are aluminum, attached with double-sided tape. Hopefully they'll stay in place for a long time, but I guess we'll see. The license plate bolts each come in two parts, as the head is separate from the screw. A machine screw as well as a tapping screw are provided. Nice touch. I also purchased imitation carbon fibre lower door panel covers, which I'll install and post at a later date. Happy with this purchase from Shark Racing. 馃榿 I have an N custom license plate frame coming (hopefully) in a couple weeks to replace the lame dealer frame in the picture.

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(You might want to remove your VIN from that 2nd pic)
i鈥檝e been eyeing these up for a lil bling

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