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I am going to preface this by saying I'm new here, I don't know a single thing about cars, and if your advice involves lifting the hood, it may not help me. I am usually pretty good with technology and navigating menus until I find what I'm looking for, but this car has me baffled.

I have a 2019 Kona that I know must be due for an oil change (don't ask me how long it's been. I'm honestly embarrassed), so I'm going to fix that soon (been putting it off because of COVID), but I have yet to see a reminder to change it from my car. I had two different Honda Civics prior to this, and they always popped up with a service notification when I was due for an oil and filter change. I could also easily check the oil life on the screen whenever I wanted. I tried messing with the various menus on my Kona and I can't find a place to check the oil life or the service interval dates, and I read through every reference to "service intervals" in the owner's manual and still didn't find it. I have a very basic model, no HUD or anything. Can anyone tell me what a service interval reminder would look like, and where in the settings I would find a place I can check it?

Pictures would be appreciated.

Thank you!

2018 Kona limited.
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well, the service reminder is a setting on the instrument clusters screen. Yours maybe turned off, or set to such a high interval, you have not reached it yet.

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Here are a couple of threads that will help.
Sorry for the slow response.

Step 1. The motor does not need to be running.
With foot OFF of brake push "Start" button 2 times.
Step 2. Looking at the display between the tach and speedometer, use the right side steering wheel buttons.
Top button on the left next to cruise button, push till you see "User Settings"
Step 3. Use the up/down arrow under the button you just used.
Till you see Service interval.
Step 4. Push "OK"
Step 5. Arrow down till you see "Adjust interval"
Step 6. Push "OK"
Step 7 Can be skipped if you want a service interval less than 10000 miles, push "OK" to adjust 2nd digit
Step 8 Use the arrow buttons to adjust the 2nd digit, I have ours set on 5 for 5K miles.
Push "OK"
Step 9. Use the arrow buttons to adj the 3rd digit, I have ours on 5 for 500 miles.
Step 10. You can't adj the last 2 digits, at least on US models.
Step 11. Use the "OK and ARROW" buttons to exit "User Settings"

Have fun programming and let us know how it goes or if these instructions need more work.
It is a service reminder, you can adjust the time frame.

To access the SERVICE INTERVAL menu, press the ❏ (MODE) button repeatedly until you see (USER SETTINGS)The button is located on the steering wheel
service required minder light reset

  1. Scroll down and select SERVICE INTERVAL
    Press the OK button to access the menu
  2. On this menu, you can activate the service interval function. If the service interval menu is activated, you may adjust the time and distance at a specific interval
    Use the directional keypad to turn on the SERVICE INTERVAL mode and set the applicable interval.
We'll have you changing the dim, yellow halogen bulbs before long.
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