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Seat replacement or repairing the damage

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So it's summer festival season in Texas and this past weekend I took my kids to one. They ate the food. They rode the rides. They also baked in the 90 Degree Texas heat.

Soon as we got in my 2023 I bout less than 60 days ago my 9 year old pukes in the front seat. I clean the mess the best I can till we get home. At which time I did everything I knew to clean alcantara seats. I let them dry and once dry the seat is now just hard. On top of that when I run my hand across the seat my hand is filled with fibers. So, is their any experts that can tell me if the seat is able to be saved? Also, is there any place if not I can buy a whole new seat assembly. No odor or stains. Just hard and fibers coming loose.
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Go to a reputable auto detailing shop and let them at it. They are professionals and know lots of methods for salvaging such a situation.

If they cannot fix it up, check with your dealer about getting a complete seat cover. You can usually get just the base or back cover. Then any good auto upholstery shop can put it on. The dealer can probably recommend one as most dealerships don't do upholstery replacement themselves. Good luck!
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