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Replace the back fog/indicator light unit for a KONA 2021

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Trying to figure out how to replace the lower back light unit for a KONA 2021. I can only see one screw (photo) which can be removed using a screw driver supplied by Hyundai. I am not sure if after removing this one screw I can pull the unit off or if there are any screws that are holding the unit into the bumper that have to be undone from the back of the unit. It seems to be stuck in firmly but don't want to force it if something is holding it in. Images added.

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Just to let everyone know, the lower back light unit can not be taken off the same way as the upper one. In order to remove the lower one, you had to take off the inner covering before the wheel, had to remove all the mud guards below the car, and then take off the back bumper too. Therefore a much bigger job than the upper one. I find this puzzling as there is a 'red' fog light bulb in there which may need replacing and this would end up possibly taking a garage a couple of hours of labour to change a bulb? Please someone tell me that I have done is completely wrong and there was some sort of simpler way that I didn't pick up :).
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