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I got my Kona about 3 weeks ago, and I've put 5,000 mi on it so far. I really didn't expect this car to be so much fun to drive. I really love the eight speed auto, and the manumatic mode is a lot more fun than I had expected as well. This car has been full of surprises.
I think my major complaint in all of these miles so far is that the suspension feels too stiff and cheap. I know they had to cut costs somewhere. That somewhere usually turns into crappy suspension and brakes from what I've seen in cars and motorcycles.
I had to get the Kona as an emergency replacement for my Ford fusion hybrid that finally kicked the bucket just around Christmas time. Ideally I would have gotten a Ford Maverick hybrid, but new ones are harder to find at a reasonable price than gold egg laying gooses. Some sort of suspension upgrade is on the horizon, but I really haven't done any research yet. I want to go for comfort, but can handle some twisties. I've noticed a lot of body roll in addition to poor dampening of bumps or potholes. I have a lot of passengers in my car (Yes, I'm a dirty filthy ride share driver) and I feel like every bump negates any possibility of tips lol
If I got an all-wheel drive model, I might be interested in lifting the car, but I enjoy switching it through the gears in curvy roads too much. What's out there for this car so far?
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