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Modifications, Why or why not?

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What else did u do to the suspension to get that extra 20%
Bushings from Whiteline, but they have to be pinned or they will fall out. I even pinned the Veloster N rear swing arm bushing because one you put in a metal to metal bushing the virgin size is gone and you done have the same interference. I told Whiteline the large back front control arm bushing basically fits but it needs another 2mm increase in diameter for it to be correct, but it fell on def ears . They do not have it speced for any other car for Hyundai but the i30N when clearly that size fits all late model Hyundai's and Kia's. They do have that the simple hand press-in front bushing in the front lower control arm fits in the Kona but they dont have the large rear front control arm bush fit with the Kona (needs to be pinned for safety) when clearly the bushing size it the exact same as the i30N and Veloster N. You can what I mean by pinning in my rear swing arm bushing post. I only put 3 in the rear at 12, 3, and 6 oclock , I tried for 9 oclock and the angle was wrong with an interference from the swing arm, so being the new bushing there was OEM and hardened steel outer the 3 pins where more then enough to hold it in place. Where the front control arm large bushing has 6 pins. You need a press to do this stuff, so add that into the job.
41 - 41 of 41 Posts