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Order ready

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Hey everybody,

I’m French and last week i ordered my Kona edition #1 velvet dune. Delivrery in november :smile:
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If you don't mind mentioning, how much did you end up paying for it out the door?
Were you looking at any other models before deciding on the Kona or set out for the Kona from the start?
The wait is going to feel like such a long one, but the Kona will be worth it and you won't blend into the crowd of Toyotas and Hondas. But that red one in the back is eye catching.
Lucky for us most of the new Kia's don't look like anything else on the road. When you see a new Kia or Hyundai on the road, you know its Korean and that's for very good reasons. Decades ago that used to be a bad thing!
Looking like a very distinctive model is all the rage these days didn't you know? :D
But the Kona definitely stands out in a crowd and makes people do a double take just to check the badge. Did you manage to negotiate a below MSRP price?
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it sure does although from the rear it looks like a mazda from far away
the first time I seen a picture of it that's the first thing that came to mind
over time Hyundai might change it to look as unique as the front end.
This one :
Kona Edition #1 with 1.0 T-GDI and 6-speed manual transmission? Cool package, and it's even better on gasoline. :cool: We don't get that color in North America... Elle est vraiment nickel, sacré veinard!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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