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Not in ohio

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Since hitting dealers in March..I have been trying to locate a thunder grey awd sel with black interior and the sel tech no avail. I am needing to get my hands on one soon, or I will have to find an alternative...I have dealers all over looking..but none to be found in ohio. I cannot seem to get an honest answer from anyone when I ask if they specifically order what they want or if they just get what they get from Hyundai. I am giving it a few more weeks..then on to another brand...sad in ohio?
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How much would it cost to get a one-way airline ticket to Los Angeles-Orange County?
They have hundreds of Konas.
Spend a day on the beach, another at Disneyland, then drive the new Kona of your choice back home. Have a fun trip. A nice, long, extended weekend.
The savings you get might cover half of the cost of the trip.
Our 2015 Santa Fe Sport came with a $ 5,200 discount from MSRP. Thanks again, Cerritos Hyundai!
Thought about that..but just heard from my salesman he is hopeful one will be in his dealership within the week...getting excited...sure..big change from my 02 loaded Camry...some things I won’t have...I wanted the limited..but cannot do the leather on seats so had to settle for the awd sel with tech pkg. has cloth seats. ..soon...hopeful in ohio!
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