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New Owner In Alaska

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I purchased a new 2018 Kona with the Ultimate Package for the wife a few days ago. She had been driving a 2006 Hummer H3 that I bought for her new in 2006. Now that the kids are gone, she wanted something smaller with better gas mileage. No surprises on the mileage of course and it is just what she was looking for in size. So far, I don't think I could have done a better job finding her a vehicle. I test drove ALL brands available in Anchorage that were in the same class and was completely impressed by this rig. The first tank of fuel saw a 28.1 average and I don't have a light foot. We are still trying to figure out everything electronic but so far, it's awesome. The wife really likes the phone operated auto start over the old extra fob concept. She is able to set the interior temperature, turn on the rear window defroster and the heated mirrors with the new phone system which was not possible with the old system. This little rig has PLENTY of power for its size with the 1.6 turbo and the heads up display for the driver is a fantastic addition. I will be interested to see how it handles a full Alaskan winter this year but I am sure it will do just fine. If your thinking about one of these vehicles, do yourself a favor and test drive one, I don't think you will be disappointed.
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Good to hear. Still waiting on mine - probably another month. I assume your roads after winter are as bad as ours. How are the 18" wheels with the fairly low profile tires for ride? I'm still considering swapping out for the 17" with the higher profile ("bouncier") tires --only 1/2 inch deeper but might help.
Funny you mention our roads after winter, they are embarrassing. We only have 5 main paved road systems and I think we were better off when they were gravel. The ride in this rig seems very good to me. I am also not a huge fan of big wheels and not much tire coming from a very strong off road background. We drove home from Anchorage (200 miles) and the roads were FULL of large separated cracks and chuck holes. Dodging the holes was easy in this nimble little rig. As for the perpendicular cracks, the car went over them with ease. The frost heaves in the spring are REALLY bad up here. I watched another rig in front of us hit them and then we went over them. It looked like we survived a lot better in every case. I'm talking about major heaves, 6 to 8 inches or more high or low depending on the heave. I was VERY impressed with the ride! In the Hummer, we would have to slow down to 10mph or bang your head on the ceiling. I think you will do fine with the tires that come stock on the rig. I am still very satisfied that I made the right choice in this size car. Hope yours get here soon, they are a hoot to drive!
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Congrats on the new Kona and welcome to the forum! I suppose if the Kona is capable of handling the roads in Alaska that it should do fine just about anywhere in the world aha. I'm still holding off to see what Hyundai delivers with the Kona EV, just out of curiosity because its looking to be quite the little package.
I remain somewhat dubious on any EV for those like Takeem029 and me in cold climates, firstly because of the effect of the cold on the battery capacity/output (?) generally and secondly because it must be further drained as cabin heat is needed since there is no heat to steal from the engine. Thus the California or Florida test figures may be misleading.
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