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I bought my first Kona EV, and I'm enjoying it quite a bit. I'll never go back to gas. Why would you? If they invented a machine that could pull carbon out of the atmosphere, nullifying any negative effects from burning fossil fuels, I'd still drive an EV. Its just a superior machine. Instant torque, and it doesn't stink when you drive it. I love how quiet they are too. We have solar panels, so it cost us like $4? for a full charge, if even that.

The regenerative braking is addictive. I become angry when I drive something that doesn't have it.

-Instant torque to the wheels. It climbs these mountain hills with very little effort, then Regen on the way back down, while the gas cars down shift to 3rd and burn aluminum all the way up that bad boy.

-The alpha auto drive systems are pretty fun, even if they're very basic. I turn on LKA to full, front collision warning to early and just use cruise control. It does most of the steering, but gets confused sometimes with off-ramps. I throttle + - with the steering wheel and brake with left paddle hold = full Regen.

-$5 a gallon for gas? Try $4 for 250-300 mile full charge.

The power is almost TOO good. If I go full throttle, I can feel the limited slip doing everything it can to bounce the power between the wheels. You gotta ease into it so you don't chew up the tires and make the limited slip mad. I rarely use sport mode. Its fun, but it's also a speeding ticket magnet.

-Speaking of tires, the low resistance tires are absolute garbage. I can't imagine driving them in the snow. They spin on dry pavement in Eco mode with no throttle. I'm going to eat the $700 this fall and put some good all weather tires on it for the Colorado winters. I don't care if I lose 10-20 miles of range on high resistance tires, I don't want to put my baby in a ditch during a snow storm.

-Only front wheel drive. I would have bought an all wheel drive Kona Ev if they made one.
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