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Kona EV roof rack

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Does anyone know whether the Kona EV will have the same roof rack as the Kona Hybrid?
Or will it not be permitted or voiding the Hyundai warranty the same as it apparently does for the Ioniq in most countries?
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If the production model is the exact same as what was showcased at the New York Auto Show, I dont think the EV model will come standard with a roof rack. I had no idea that accessory could void a warranty. Is that because EV's aren't typically rated for towing and payload?
I took a look at the Kona owner's manual and it says "If the vehicle has a roof rack, you can load cargo on top of your vehicle." Pretty confusing and I'm not sure if they're talking about the rails or the rack that goes on the rails.
Despite today's other post showing no rails in the photo, also see:

See: Hyundai Showcases All-New Kona EV - The Korean Car Blog

"The profile of the All-New Kona Electric reflects an eye-catching and agile character. The sleek profile with short rear overhangs and wing-type bumpers underline the forward motion of the car. The roof rack enhances the sleek roof line and supports the active lifestyle of customers, for example by mounting a roof carrier. To further enhance the refined character, the All-New Kona Electric features silver side sills, adding a slightly elegant touch to the sporty SUV."
Hopefully it means the rail system is hidden much like how it is on higher end cars. If there's anything these entry level products can use its cleaner design.
It’s on the ultimate version
It’s on the ultimate version but you can install it like we install a towing kit, i have installed it in my ford truck which i use for
The Thule company has a ”Fit guide”. There are a few available models
The Thule company has a ”Fit guide”. There are a few available models
Just to let you guys know.

I tried ordering the roof rails to be installed in my SEL using the (regular ICE Kona parts) since I thought its available in Ultimate trim and ICE Kona has parts number for it... so it should fit...(or so we thought)... I contacted the Hyundai to see if warranty will be voided. they said that It should not provided the parts are OEM Hyundai and installed by Hyundai Dealer. So, I had the dealer ordered it for me.

the parts arrived, but we had a huge surprise, the parts DOES NOT FIT....

they told me it can be done but the body shop has to weld it in. so I did not proceed as my warranty might be more likely be voided and its too much of a hassle to do it.
Yakima racks has our car listed and they have parts for us.

I sure hope they have roof rail specific for the Kona electric in the future. but for now, we are stuck with limited options.
Can anyone tell me which roof racks work with the 2020 Kona EV? Thanks in advance!
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