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Incentives in your Area?

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Just thought we could start a thread on the incentives that we have available to us in our respective areas. Where I'm located, Ontario, Canada, the Hyundai Kona is eligible for a total of $14,000 in purchase incentives.

The Kona EV has a 50kWh battery which means it's eligible for the full amount of $10k plus $3k for being over 16kWh and because it has 5 or more seats, you get another $1k off.

Reading that there was an estimated price of $39,000USD however, that converts to ~$51,800 which means after the incentives it'll boil down to about $37k which really doesn't seem too bad.

*Just converting the price from USD to CAD isn't an accurate way of depicting what it will really cost in Canada, but it was the only price I had to work off of.

What do the EV incentives look like in your area and how much are you expecting to get for the Hyundai Kona EV?
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I started looking at the incentives available for where I live, New York and so far i see a new rebate being offered for $2000. Its part of Governor Cuomo's $70 Million initiative. New to EV ownership, actually I never considered it till Kona EV news broke, so i will also be looking into Federal credits.
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Nice, any incentive is better than no incentive and that's definitely going to give people that extra push to go through with it. Add in how much you'll be saving on fuel (also taking into consideration the slight bump in hydro bill) and you'll see that it works out much cheaper!!
In MA, the state has now a $2500 rebate. ( Called MOR-EV. This is not a tax credit , after submitting the required docs, you get a check in the mail). The local power utility company has some rebates on charger installation, and the purchase as well, Plus a $10 per month rate credit on the electric bill) . Plus the full Fed tax credit of $7500. This was one of the reasons why I went with the Kona instead of a Tesla.
Here in British Columbia, Canada i got all available credits. 5000 dollar federal credit, 3000 dollar provincial credit and a 6000 dollar credit for scrapping my old car. Also, i should be getting a 350 dollar credit from the power company for buying a charger costing more than 700 dollars installed.

Tesla does not participate in the 6000 dollar scrap it credit so that helped me choose the Kona.
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