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Hyundai Kona vs Mazda CX-3

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Motoring compared the Hyundai Kona to a 2017 Mazda CX-3 and they each excel in different areas.
If a sophisticated interior and intuitive infotainment system is what you're looking for then the Mazda CX-3 may be for you. But for those who want a more punchy powertrain, the Kona's 1.6-litre turbocharged unit with a seven-speed DCT may be for you.

The comparison is pretty in depth, even down to the vehicle size:
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True. Actually, I think that Mazda is on the decreasing slope these days. I think they need to come up with the whole new concept to climb back to the top of the mountain.
We recently purchased a cx30 which is a big step up for a cuv compared to the cx3 if you're looking. We also have the kona ultimate 1.6t and in my opinion it is still more peppy then the mazda cx30 unless you get the new turbo mazda. The mazda has a quieter cabin and more luxurious ride then the kona but I still love them both.
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