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Love how it takes off and with Hyundai actively working on their N Sport models along with N sport trims it could mean we see a 0-60 time that gets into the low 6 second to high 5 second range.
Do you guys think that would be a reasonable expectation to have?
Actually they're not actively working on an "N" Model. They've stated, we are in no hurry to produce an "N" Model Kona. They don't even have a working prototype. It's all on paper right now. There's allot of speculation from the Internet auto websites. They have the i30 already as a test bed but;

"The Hyundai Kona N is likely to have at least 247bhp if the high-performance small SUV gets the green light from management and enters production by the end of the decade.

Albert Biermann, the man in charge of Hyundai’s N sub-brand, has revealed that he has told his engineers to start work on a test mule of the vehicle, in the hope that it could get approval for production. And he has given a strong indication of its likely powerplant: the 2.0-litre turbo petrol from the current i30 N.

“I’ve told them [the engineers] to build the car and we’ll see what happens with getting it approved,” said Biermann. “It has to be the i30 N powertrain, really. Of course, we can give Kona different specifications on suspension and steering, although there are some common components we can use in that area as well, because it’ll be front-wheel drive, like the i30 N. But we already know that it has to be that car’s engine and gearbox for the Kona N, yes.”

The idea of Hyundai actually producing a Kona "N", is not likely for the US market. Price would be in the mid to high 30's, which would actually have a very small market share for Hyundai evenif they receive approval for production of such a model. Given the Veloster N will be in this price range, the actual production scale will be quite limited. To many variables yet to get hopes up for such a model. As Far as performance, I would use the performance specifications for the i30, as a base line for a Kona "N" when an if they ever decide to produce such a model.

Otherwise, I wouldn't get my hopes up for it ever being produced for the US market. :smile: Keeping in mind, SUC/CUV are a popular model in the US but are daily drivers for the average small family. I'd be very surprised to see a Kona N in the next 2 or 3 years if it actually gets approval by Hyundai for production.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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