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Hyundai Kona Engine Options

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The Hyundai Kona is said to come with a few different engine options. Two being petrol engines and possibly multiple diesel options.

I've seen in multiple publications that there will be a 1.0L and 1.4L turbocharge engine options that are sourced from the Hyundai i20 and i30 models.

I found some information on the 1.4L engine that comes in the i30 and it comes with a really lackluster 107.5hp @ 6200rpm and 101.2lb-ft of torque @ 5000rpm.

The only thing is that it doesn't say anything about it being a turbocharged engine which would make sense as to why the peak power is so high up top on the rpm band.

I couldn't find anything about the 1.0L turbocharged engine either which is odd.

Anyone find any contributing information on these options listed?
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