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Brand new here, folks...loving my 2-week-old Lime Twist Ultimate!!! Planning on adding a few
"tasteful" aesthetic mods over the next month or so. Looking to the experts here for guidance.

Quick question; I've installed interior LEDs on everything from BMWs to Subarus. I haven't had
any issues with any of the housings on my new Kona but one. I keep trying to pop out the center
roof "Room Light" to change it out and despite following the removal directions in the manual and
using the proper tools, it won't budge. I feel as though I'm going to snap something every single
time I attempt it. I even bent one of my hard plastic popout tools! Is there something I'm missing?
Like a specific ½-inch area where there's a release? Or a "secret" for this one light??? Last thing I
want to do is damage my 2-week-old baby! Thanks in advance to any who can provide assistance! 🙏
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