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How Did This Pop Out??

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Just drove back from work, and when I opened my driver's door I could hear a cracking/creaking sound as I tried to open it all the way. There was definite resistance as well. I couldn't see anything stuck in the door, but when I gently tried to open it wide once more, this plastic plug popped out and hit the ground.

The picture is with the door wide open but as the lighting was bad, it obviously didn't turn out clear enough to be of much help. The arrow points to the hole, which is barely visible. It popped out from the vertical area at the front of the door, and is only visible when the door is wide open. The plug doesn't appear to be damaged at all, but I'm wondering how to put it back in again. Never had a plug pop out before, certainly not in a car with only 200 miles on it...
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get a new pop rivet, you might have damaged it the last time you took it apart.
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