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I have been struggling with this for a few hours. I want to have the hatch, boot, whatever open for extended periods (while camping, just sitting in the back to enjoy a view or a ball game) but I couldn't get the interior lights to turn off or the warning on the dash telling me the hatch is still open to turn off. I've read many posts offering the screw driver/carabiner/key ring solution on the hatch latch but couldn't get mine to shut off power to the interior lights and dash warning lights.

Geez, I am almost too embarrassed to tell you this, but in an effort to help some other folks who may run into the same problem... just use a carabiner and push the dang thing all the way into the latch. There is an initial catch that will hold the carabiner in place but that first catch will do nothing to turn off the lights. This was how far I repeatedly inserted the carabiner and it was frustrating after reading all the posts saying that's all there is to it. Well I'm here to tell you that I needed just a little more of an explanation. Push it in the latch until it stops at the second click!

And a little extra caution for other owners. Keep a carabiner in the cubby in the back along with a popsicle stick or small flat bladed screw driver to help remove the carabiner (or open the hatch from inside in an emergency). And to prevent closing the hatch with the carabiner still in place put a short ribbon on the carabiner so you don't break something when you slam it shut. I won't go into why I know this part!

I'll find something a little shorter and brighter in color someday...

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