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As a teen I rode horses or my bicycles. All required attention with hands on the reins or bars then adding a little body English for steering. You paid attention or you got throwed.

When I got my first car a manual "three on the tree" it still kept my feet busy and muscled the steering in certain situations. A later upgrade in my experience with cars was the VW Beatle stick rear engine. In a manual bug you were in control just don't get squashed.

Fast forward to a 2003 Baja stock yellow automatic rated for it's time one of the the safest car going in a crash with a bag of air ready to deploy in your face, just in case. I was down to one foot in that car (sometimes doubled peddled) with less road feeling when steering even at a stand still. I often longed for a stick and would sometimes Jake-break my Baja (at the correct RPM of course) [note I later read Baja actually used coming out of Drive to third shifting as parting of breaking logic anyway] just to give me something to do. But it was the car of the times and I drove it for 17 years. Then as I became aware of other vehicles on the road that could automatically stop faster and all cars getting updated safety features to keep that human safer; I decided to get my (Kona 2019 2.0 SEL AWD) CUV a month ago. I knew driver assist items and safety features were warranted. Kona had all that was on my list at a price point to hard to pass up on. Most of all the technology, safety and the listed towing ability (not sanctioned by dealers in the USA) that is what had me sold. Also those outside my Kona might be safer.

Get in and with the push of a button a few miles down the trail I set cruse and let lane assist (LKA) take over. Look Ma no feet and no hands. Definitely not recommended getting from point A to B or the Kona's heads up display could be reminding me I'm not paying attention. Thank goodness for the playful +/- shifter or sport mode when I'm looking for giddy up and go. Here is an engine that will absorb a head-on hit and drivetrain folds under the car as airbags form a cocoon around me and even back passengers get side curtain coverage. A friend said if I had adaptive cruse in the city and behind a car the FCA technology could stop (and ACC start) with the line of traffic. Like I was on a trail ride following a lead horse. I'm very impressed in this value paying less then I did for the Baja purchased back in 2003. Only time will tell if this Kona can live up to the workhorse level set by the Subaru.

Yup in my days' back then on horseback when you didn't pay attention you'd probably get dismounted sooner or later. The ride was fun when you earned each others respect and both paid attention. Horses are very smart and you'd not want to put them in harms way. So pay attention when driving, stay within your own and your vehicles' capabilities/limitations, obey speed rules and as advised buckle-up for safety! I am enjoying this Kona ride a lot and plan to keep it till antonymous hydrogen cars become the norm.

Next time:
I'll be comparing checking the horse's tack especially the saddle girth to car maintenance and transportation performance. (JK) :p

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