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Hi everyone!
I'm planning on getting a Kona within the next couple of weeks...I've had my '04 Nissan Titan for 14 years and although I'm still very attached to it, it's time to downsize and go for radically better gas mileage! I hope the local Hyundai dealer will be able to locate an SEL with tech package, in Pulse Red...I'd prefer having the black roof, but it's not available with the tech, oh well.

I'm wondering if the bright chrome trim around the grill and the lower door insert on the Limited and Ultimate trims could be added if I had a body shop order them from Hyundai...just personal preference, but that's the look I fell for, and don't want to deal with the DCT just to have that look...any thoughts? Thanks, I'm glad to be here!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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