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Hey all!
I'm new to the forum and drive a 2019 SEL. I bought it exactly one year ago on July 9th with 7 miles on the odometer. The dealer filled it up and my dash said I had 397 miles of driving. I've done the recommended maintenance at the dealership twice already. I do drive about 250 miles a week for work (25 each direction, 5 days a week). I just filled up yesterday at my local Costco and now my dash says 367 miles. 30 miles diminished in exactly one year!?
Am I missing something? Am I doing something wrong? This is literally my first BRAND new car. Until my Kona, my newest car was a 2002 Mazda protege5 that I bought in 2016. Any info on why this might be happening to my little kona would be greatly appreciated from my new Hyundai family. Thank you all.
P.S. wash your hands!
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