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They may be a bit blurry, probably taken from the official press pack, but Hyundai-blog has published a few official photos of the new Hyundai Kona.

We’ve already seen a blue Konda sans camouflage when it was spotted puttering around Madrid’s city center last month. Hyundai was probably none to happy about that, but this time around we even have a photo of the Kona’s interior.

Starting from the outside, Hyundai’s new compact SUV has an aggressive body design that is emphasized by the contrasting protective ‘armor’ that surrounds the LED headlights, highlights the wheels arches and spans the circumference of the Kona. Giving it a high-tech front facia are razor sharp daytime running lights with turn signals incorporated into them and Hyundai’s new Cascading Grille.

The spacious interior is a bit more sleek and simple compared to its exterior, but still with plenty of personality especially with the green accents found around the cabin. More specifically, that vivid green can be found around the air-vents, the gearshift, and in the seats’ stitching. There’s also a touchscreen display that doesn’t sit flush against the dashboard to create a sense of openness.

And of course, what’s a world premiere without a special edition? That’s right, there’s a Hyundai Kona Iron Man Edition too. Taking inspiration from the Marvel superhero, the special edition Kona is sporting a custom body finish with matte grey as its base color and glossy red accents.

We should see more interior shots once the Kona makes its auto show debut this September in Frankfurt.
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