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expect "all-round ability and innovative design"

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"all-round ability and innovative design" like some of the most recently updated and lucrative products for Hyundai is what's promised for the Kona. I want to believe that as much as the next guy but i'll wait for the reviews to flood in, my expectations will build from that.

Now, looking into what we know, this will be based on the Hyunda-Kia PB help everyone out here's what rides on that platform:

  • Hyundai Accent
  • Hyundai Veloster
  • Kia Soul

... there are more but that's about as exciting as it gets.

Will Hyundai deliver on "all-round ability and innovative design"? The Soul did its job well but this is a slightly different game.
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The Kona certainly has the innovative design aspect down, but what does Hyundai mean when they say all-round ability? Can we expect to see it perform fairly well on gravel and dirt roads?
I guess that's what it'll mean. Good in all types of situations like on-road, gravel roads, trails type of deal. But it'll also provide luxury as well as sportiness?

It's a very vague statement that could have a lot of meaning to it lol I wouldn't over think this at all.
Luxury and sportiness in its own respect. Hyundai's have gotten to the point they can almost rival current Buick models. Buicks are nice but not that nice (sadly). So maybe a high trim Kona will appeal to someone who originally wanted a Buick Encore?
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