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Exhaust Manifold/Cat Converter Replacement

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I'll keep it brief. The car (2018 Kona SEL AWD 2.0L) has 120,000 miles roughly, and the engine light is on. The code checks out for the cat converter attached to the exhaust manifold. I've already replaced the O2 sensor(s), and there is no gas exhaust leak. I can smell my new tires over the idling exhaust. With that being said, is there an aftermarket option that does NOT cost a whole kidney to replace? My local dealers are next to useless.
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The original Hyundai price is obscene.
You have some options.
junkyards. They are all available via the internet and can tell you the condition and mileage of the vehicle it was removed from.
Or aftermarket. Do a search on the internet of replacement catalytic converters for your year and model.
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