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I have a Kona EV 2019 and want to understand what software it has. (and maybe update all of it).
Here's the "Version info" page on the nav unit:

Font Screenshot Gadget Software Technology

I am in Europe, so manual updating by users is the official way.

1. What's the difference between Software, Firmware and NAV APP?
Do you update those separately, or as part of the same update process?
(I know the software and the map normally get updated separately. But apparently there are 4 things to update, not 2!)

2. Can the car driving software be updated?
I know the "car" computer is different from the infotainment unit, but I've never seen any mention of updating it.
(by "car computer", I mean the thing that controls the displays under the steering wheel. And controls and allows you to configure the driving, recuperation, lights, doors, cruise control, warning systems etc)

I can venture a guess... The operating system is Android (4.2, I think), so there could be a few pieces of software. Basic firmware of the device (boot loader etc), operating system (Android), and then maybe various android apps: navigation app, maybe infotainment app, maybe other apps...
This would explain why there's sometimes lag when switching between various screens - they are probably different Android apps, and some need time to load.

P.S. Btw here are the current latest versions for my Kona (that I found on

Model: 2018-19 Kona Electric
Navigation system: Standard Gen5 Navigation
Software version: OSEV.EUR.SOP.V126.211019.STD_M
Map version: EUR.
Model name: OSAE.S5AMN.EU

The firmware and NAV APP are not listed here.
The software version would be updated from V100 to V126. (seems significant. Not sure but I bet the last digits are the date, so my software is from 181004 - Oct 2018)
The map version gets a bump from 11.41.46... to 14.47.48...

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My Kona is a Sept 2018 build and the software version is V095 dated 30 May 2018. It's actually an Irish EU spec model, as all brought here in 2018 were. There is no navigation or Bluelink but I do have Carplay/Android Auto.

Have you had a look through "engineering mode"? From that System Info screen, either side of the "Update" bar, tap quickly once at the right, five times at the left and once at the right again.

Under "CPU Variants" the only highlighted option turned off was "Telematics". I tried turning that on and executing a test but nothing happens. I don't know if there is a SIM fitted.
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