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Hi guys,

Waiting for the last pieces to come in for an DSP/AMP combo install on stock headunit of my base stereo 2022 Kona.
An issue which is still in my mind is how exactly will I tap into the high level signal of the radio (and the remote turn on on ACC), and feed back the speakers with 2 speed wires.
I'm comfortable identying the correct pins / wires for this.

Couple of days ago, I saw that PAC got a T-harness announced for oem stock radio high level integration (feb 2023) but it does not seem available anywhere :

So back to square one... was looking for another way to avoid cutting stock wiring harness if possible.

I found this harness which is mainly used for a sub integration :
Motocarr Hyundai Kia stock radio harness

I would remove the LOC and cap those wires.
But then I would cut those 8 speaker wires and connect my speed wires (to and from the amp) instead of cutting stock wires.

That way, if I remove the amp later selling the car, I could just remove the harness and plug the stock wiring plugs.

Would it work ?

The harness seems to have all the wiring connected, not just some wires (like Metra 70-7306 for aftermarket headunit).

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I think it does ; the back sounds very weak.

When I put the fade all the way to the rear the bass is lacing compared to balanced or all front.

Just installed Kenwood excellon speakers in the front (did the back a while ago) and oh my the bass is already more present (no amp / sub yet).

I'll probably set the 5th DSP channel from the the front inputs to have the full signal.

Anyway the electrical RTA of the Audison DSP/AMP will indicate clearly how to get a full range signal and I'll handle the outputs from there.

Ordered the motocarr harness and will cut those wires and use the remote wire provided.
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