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Considering buying the 2023 Kona EV Ultimate...

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I already own a 2021 Kona 2.0 Luxury... so the look and feel is very familiar.

Im also assuming I won't be able to mod the EV as much as I did my ICE... I'm afraid audio component changes might foo bar the battery life or even possibly void my warranty.

Are EV's as mod-able as ICE cars?
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A few owners change the wheels, one or two lower the suspension but I don't hear much about audio upgrades. An EV is a bit more integrated than ICE and best left as-designed for the best range and reliability. But there is plenty of 12V power once the car is powered-up ... it's while parked that care needed.

I had to buy an ICE car after a year with an EV because I missed doing maintenance. But compared to driving the EV it's like one of those toy jeeps they have at malls for 5 yr olds, put a nickel in it and it rattles around.
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I put on custom wheels and 225/55-17 tires (slightly wider) that have close enough diameter to keep the speedometer accurate. (The color/lighting in this photo does not do justice, but is all I have handy at the moment.) The upgraded sound that comes with the Ultimate is quite good as is if you adjust it well. I have contemplated replacing the spoiler with the one from the Kona N Performance. This would also entail replacing the middle/top brake light with the one on the N due to the more aggressive shape of the spoiler.
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