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I have a 2019 kona 1.6t and my wife was driving home from work when the engine light came on. Luckily, blue link picked it up and I called service to schedule a time to bring it in. It looks like DTC codes from blue link logged P030200, P030400, P030000, and P030100 codes. Anyone ever come across this issue? I hope it's not engine or tranny failure :(. Thanks for all feedback.
I think those COULD be ECU engine misfire codes with an extra 00 added to it. I see that some manufactures add another 00 to their codes, as per
NORMALLY Hyundai has the industry standard P0 3020 (your first #) as a engine ignition misfire on cylinder #2.

Your P0300 would be a

Do you have a piggyback tuning box on your car, or have an after market tune on your ECU? Have yourself just changed sparkplugs, or had a NON Hyundai dealer/auto repair shop change plugs?

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