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Cannot decide!

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I test drove both the 1.6 Turbo and 2WD yesterday. I cannot decide which one to buy. There is a price difference between the 2 and the 1.6T definitely has more zip, however I don’t need a 4WD. I would love to hear what other people bought and why?
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No they don't! Do they offer the turbo without the AWD in other countries?
There is the 3 power option on both options ....Normal-eco and sport. The sport option really revs out on the 2WD I thought, however I think you are right MarKona the 2WD seemed sufficient. The AWD option is only really for off road and rough conditions like snow/wet I guess? And where I am there are no rough conditions other than hot weather. Thanks for your feedback
In Australia the 1.6T AWD is the FWD. We only have the 2 versions, 1.6T FWD and 2WD. I have decided to purchase the 2WD Highlander as I don't require a FWD/AWD. Its a shame they didn't bring out a 1.6T 2WD here as that would have been perfect!!... I am purchasing this beauty. The car has a wrap and its Phantom Black underneath ...happy times :) . Thanks for all your feedback everyone.


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1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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