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Hi. So I got a 2019 Kona Electric.
And for some reason (probably to get people to buy the 2020 version) Hyundai in my country has said directly that they have no intentions of making any sort of efforts towards getting a app for cars older than the newest fleet. Meaning that if you just bought a Kona, or even have ordered a 2019 model but haven't received it yet, you will never have any app to control heating, doors or anything.
The only option is to have a obd2 dongle plugged in to keep track of SOC and basic battery info.
I've seen however in Australia, and probably some other places that Hyundai has offered a obd dongle for Auto Link, wich is basically the same as Bluelink, (that the newer models are getting here) that you can have installed.
So I was wondering, if I was somehow able to get my hands on a dongle like that if it would work here. I've already gotten the apk for the app. But I'm imagining that there will be some issues regarding servers etc.
I live in Norway btw.
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