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Hey All,

Getting my Phantom Black with the Red Trim this week some time.

Should be good, went for pretty much all of the options they could offer that were dealer fit apart from the LED footwell lights (their version is tacky being blue... I want white)
Got the "Highlander Trim" in Australia.

Sadly we don't get the Premium sound and the 8" screen like the american top trim.
We have to deal with a 6 speaker system (no sub) and a 7" Screen.
We also miss out on DAB+ radio like the Top Spec UK version... but alas.

I got it for a good deal and am looking forward to putting the K's on it.

I've already started the ordering of all the LED swap for the lights, Alloy pedals, decent 2.5K dash cams for the front and read etc.
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