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Hi Am not sure if this has been asked before.
As a first time EKona after a Ioniq Hybrid Owner.
As you know its been really hot weather and my KonaE is top of the range so air conditioning seats, Sunroof, The problem I have is am driving in ECO mode and I press the Air conditioner button and the milage drops quite a lot, so I what I have to do is put the air con on for five mins and turn it off to save charge.
I keep the drive button pressed for 5 seconds and I now drive In ECO+ Mode so even better mileage than ECO alone.

Is the air conditioning like this in other people's car?

And with my bluelink I have on my phone when your on your profile on the head unit it's says connect to blue link I spoke to hyundai about this and they email me what I need to do to use it with my profile as they said there's a few xtras by the profile bluelink connect and normal car one

Again any ideas they seem to think registration with hyundai website
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