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Reposting here from the "VS" thread.

So after a month of ownership I'm ready to provide some opinions forth re the 2023 N-Line AWD 1.6T. My findings are based on the car riding on a set of Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 (instead of the OEM Goodyear Eagle Touring). I came from a 2013 Ford Focus ST 2.0T.

-Seems very solidly built. No mis-aligned body panels or doors. No rattles or loose interior components. Same could not be said about the ST which got progressively worse over time.
-Front seats are reasonably bolstered. Not so much like in my Focus ST that I and my front seat passenter felt packed like a sardine.
-Overall more arm room in the front seating area compared to the Focus ST.
-For a sub-compact SUV, excellent well-balanced handling. I haven't found the limits of cornering traction; possibly attributable to the chosen tires. Still looking for over/understeer tendancies and lift-off oversteer capabilities.
-Fuel economy is spot-on in the city (8.9 L/100 km) and better on the highway (7.1-7.2 L/100 km).
-With my alternate set of tires (Nokian Outpost APT), car handled winter mixed bag (ice, deep snow, slush, ice pellets) like a champ. Well done. Complete confidence.

-Interior has a very utilitarian feel. Sure there are red trimmings. But lots of hard plastic and only scant textured surfaces. These days, many things are controlled from the infotainment. There are some buttons which I like. Steering wheel controls are well laid out.
-Rear seating area is minimalistic. Only the very basics are provided (centre arm rests).
-Despite the great handling, I don't think the car is capable of throttle lift-off oversteer (like the Focus ST). The car is not likely set up for that.

Not like:
-I think the rear leg room would have benefitted from rear-scalloped front bucket seats. These were a feature in my Focus ST and this added a good 2 inches of knee room.
-Very few pockets/storage options available. My Focus ST front bucket seats both had large pockets in the rear scalloped portion which was very useful for those sitting in the rear.
-All the quirkiness that comes from transitioning from a manual to a DCT automatic.
-Throttle response is very touchy down low. 1st gear almost seems too short. Very hard to modulate a slow-creep; usually have to rely on neutral-auto if in stop-go traffic.

Other observations
-Headlights needed to be realigned. From the dealership, the headlights were set too high and many opposing drivers were flashing me.
-Car dives a little on hard breaking and leans slightly. Not unexpected coming from a Focus ST. It's fine. Could use stiffer springs and dampers (@Mainia, I agree with your recommendations).
-Not much feedback from the road; a rather dead feel inside. Not unexpected considering the class of car. People like quite isolated feel. I find it hard to tell how fast the engine is turning.
-I shift almost exclusively in manual mode. Shift indicators in the HUD would be very helpful.
-Don't know what the OEM tires are like. The PSAS4 probably introduces more road noise. But I don't see this as a bad thing for those wanting feedback from the road textures. PSAS4 is an excellent match for the handling capabilities this car offers (which is supposed to be best-in-class).
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Hood

This picture with the Nokian Outpost APT (all-weather) tires mounted during a recent snowstorm in December.
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