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My iPhone 12 Pro Max discharges whether it's wirelessly charging or plugged into the fast-charge USB. The battery indicator on the iPhone and CarPlay show it's taking a charge, but the battery level drops while driving around with CarPlay. It dropped from 55% to 53% while plugged in on my 15-min commute this morning.

Has anyone else run into this? I see threads about wireless charging connection issues, but nothing about discharging while plugged in and “charging." I've also had a few instances of it actually charging the phone even on wireless and a short trip, but those instances are few and far between.

Just for more info, this is the 4th electrical issue I've had in the 2 months I've owned the car. The other three being a bad head unit and wiring harness on delivery, so the electrical system never shut down when I turned the car off and the remote lock/unlock didn't work; then the wireless charging stopped working entirely with no option to enable/disable in convenience settings; now BlueLink is not connecting and the app won't work on my phone, and the physical reset button on the head unit doesn't reset any settings or BlueLink connection. Someone went through my car the other night when I left it unlocked and didn't get a Door Unlocked notification.

All the components related to these problems have been replaced (I think), so I don't know if these are all interrelated, or I'm just having an impressive run of bad luck.
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