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Just wanted to report my experience with these

The front fits on the 2022 Kona SEL perfectly. There is a screw hole that is unused but the two that remain are more than capable of retaining the guard against the body of the vehicle and away from the tire. Turn the front tire out of the way for easier installation. :)

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The rear fitment is just slightly off. During installation you can finesse it before tightening the bolts to make it very close. All three bolts/clips are used. In the close up picture you can see the slight misalignment, but without pointing it out most will not notice at normal distances.

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The OEM version specifically says their back guard will not fit 2022, so I expected this one to be off and useless. But it’s much closer than I assumed and I’m happy even if it’s a little off. Make sure you have a 90 degree screw driver or ratchet of some kind to remove the screws. You can’t move the tire out of the way in the back so you have to work around it.

The back ones will cover access panels on the underside of the bumper that let you more easily access the bulbs for the turn signal and backups. If you need to use these panels to change bulbs you’ll have to take the back guards off to change them. I can fit my arms around the panels but it is harder.
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