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Hello all! I test drove several 2021 AWD subcompact crossovers a few weeks ago (Kia Seltos, Toyota Rav-4, Mazda CX-30, Hyundai Kona, Subaru Crosstrek) and instantly felt a connection with the Kona. Most likely I felt at home with the lack of special features, very basic interior, and smaller size (my last car was a 2007 Elantra...I'm not used to new technology at all, and prefer the smaller, zippy feel of the Kona). Luckily the dealership had just received a used 2020 Kona in my price range (did not want to buy brand new), so I bought it!

I immediately put snow tires on it and drove to the local snow covered mountain and have been very happy with it so far! Other additions I've made are adding Weathertech FloorLiners and upgrading the low beams to LED lights (using the LASFIT lights linked here in the forum). Later this week it'll get a hitch added for a bike rack.

Some thoughts on getting the SE specifically - I didn't think I needed anything "extra" offered in the upgraded trims, but was pretty disappointed when I saw that installing the rails is near impossible on the SE models unless you are comfortable with someone welding on the roof. I'm thinking about trying out the Yakima Baseline system at some point... but not totally sure... I just really want a basket on top.

Anyways, cool forum.
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