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2019 Kona Limited DCT warranty bought new

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I have 5500 miles in 4 years. I'm old and don't drive that much. I brought the car in at 1000 miles to have the oil changed because I was concerned that it might have have water in the fuel. I've never had any problems with the car. I haven't brought it back for any service other than the oil change at 1000 miles. Have I screwed up my warranty? I go by years and not months when it comes to service or if it ain't broke don't fix it, but ?
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Depends on the dealer. Strictly speaking you have not met the conditions for maintaining your warranty. The dealer can rightfully reject any warranty claim that involves engine oil lubrication .
A good service department will consider your driving habits and probably just go with annual oil changes. To be honest, what you are doing is kinda hard on any engine, and I suspect your driving is mostly just puttering around town. If I may suggest, how about once a week just take the car for a little drive to a nearby town? Maybe take a friend for coffee/pie? That's what we did with my folks when they stopped driving except to the store or church. They wanted to keep a car, but dad understood (he was a retired Oldsmobile service manager) that just letting the car sit there was not good for the engine, so they would take about a 15-20 mile drive once a week.
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