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2017 Kona review

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Hey guys,

What car? just uploaded a quick video review of 2017 Hyundai Kona. Found it pretty controversial and want to share it with you. The guy said something about poor road control, even though I heard a lot of good reviews about its comfort and great road handling. What do you guys think?

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The Kona looks so unreal in the video, if he wasn't standing beside it IO would have thought the yellow one was a rendering. Such a shame that it feels unsettled, so you'll probably be constantly adjusting the wheel.
Its a crazy design but at the same time its not out of this world. A lot of new SUV's have been taking on a similar effect. The new Mazda CX-3 sort of does that and with some funky colors can come closer to the Kona.
We'll be seeing more of this stuff happening since its the cheapest way to pull in new car buyers.
I'd like to see the headlights in action at night, especially the upper LED strip. I believe the outer corner on either side lights up at night?

Probably, wrong place to post this fancy video, but I kinda see the answer in it to a previous post about LED strip lol.
That was actually a great example of how the LED lights could look at night which when compared to some much higher end SUV's, it might not be any different till you see the Hyundai badge. I bet at night from a distance some people might think its an Audi.
I'm actually more interested in the Iron Man portions of that ad, though the Kona could use more red and gold instead of grey. Just have a red body and gold accents, it works if done properly.
A limited edition run of Kona's with a similar theme would do well and we haven't seen enough special models come out from them. No better product or time for that than now although the Stinger is another key product for special but limited run trims. Except in this case it would have to be cheaper cosmetic upgrades, Stinger should get a complete package that also includes performance.
A special edition would be very well received, especially if they partner up with Marvel because their franchise has been very popular the past few years. Anything Iron MAn would sell, maybe even Black panther.
too bad they haven't done it yet or anything like it but that might be due to a lack of brand awareness
maybe as Hyundai's show up more on the big screen then they can invest money into special edition models.
its much cheaper to advertise than invest in actual products that come at a greater risk.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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