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  1. Hyundai 280-hp Kona N Performance Discussion
    I saw a few discussion concerning winter tires for the Kona N but haven’t seen much of what people actually went with and how it drove in the winter. Please share your experiences. I’m in Montreal and about to pull the trigger and buy the Kona N but would like to know what to expect for next...
  2. Wheels And Tires
    Hello all, I currently drive a Kona limited and been considering trading it for either an Elantra N or Kona N. I know the cars come stock with summer tires, but I live on the northern east coast and have to commute to work 5 days a week. So considering I’ll be driving the car during snow, rain...
  3. Wheels And Tires
    I'm trying to achieve a taller tire without the need for other modifications. I saw that Ken Block was running this tire on his N Lines, but I don't know if other mods were needed, or if it rubs near wheel lock, etc. I'm also not 100% sure of his wheel dimensions. He runs a Rotiform wheel that...
  4. Wheels And Tires
    Hello I have a 21 SEL with 215/5517 tires on now. I have a friend that offered to let me use his winter tires and wheels from his Impreza. They are size 245/4018. Would these fit? Thanks
  5. Wheels And Tires
    Putting this here for progress and to help others in the future. I ordered a 215/65/16 set of general grabber atx but it was on back order so 215/70/16 is the experiment with a 2” body lift. Not sure how it’s going to fit or what nods will need to be done but I’ll be the guinea pig and post...
  6. 2018+ Hyundai Kona General Discussion
    Hi! Just got a Kona about a month ago, and I’m worried because I feel some vibration after 65-70mph. I got the tires rotated, and they have a bit more than the recommendation PSI. I’m wondering if it’s road feel (roads can be pretty bad here) or if it’s something else. Do you guys feel...
1-6 of 6 Results