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  1. Electronics
    I am trying to update my 2021 SE non-nav and can't seem to find a file that will be accepted. I have tried multiple usb drives, just in case. Even went and got a new one. My current version - SW: OS.USA.SOP.V108.190715.DAU_A FW: OS.USA.292.190613.MICOM.DL I have tried to install both Gen2V...
  2. 2018+ Hyundai Kona EV General Discussion
    hey guys, i made this video about my EU late 2021 kona EV 64kWh. in my opinion the software could do with a lot more polish. lots of bugs, half baked solutions and missing features. i go trough all of them in this video. let me know if you agree with the points i make, if i forgot something and...
  3. Electronics
    New to the Hyundai Kona community - purchased a new 2022 Kona SEL about a week ago. Since then, the CarPlay functions have been working intermittently. Sometimes, the system will connect to my phone and navigation, calls, etc will work just fine. Other times, the screen will tell me that it...
  4. Electronics
    Hi All, I have a question about this Head Unit, I don't have MAPS and I don't see any SD slot card. How to update the software and firmware? Do you know where download? This is my version SOFTWARE = OSHEV20.EUR.SOP.V109.190509.DAU_A FIRMWARE = OSHEV20.EUR.292.190314.MICOM.DL
1-4 of 4 Results