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  1. Electronics
    Hi! I want to retrofit my 2020 Hybrid Kona's head unit, everything is working correctly with it just the material has started losing color on the buttons as you can see in the picture. I have already bought a used head unit which comes from a facelifted version as I know. I tried it in the...
  2. Electronics
    Just wanted to share my story. I have the electric model however as long as you have the options I do you should be able to make this a plug-and-play swap. I have the mid-spec electric Kona which gives you the 7 inch head unit. However, the options include BlueLink which gives you the cellular...
  3. Electronics
    Hi, I bought a 10.25 unit that came off from 2021 Hyundai kona to install into my 2020 kona that has factory 7 inch unit. the installation seems fine and everything seems to work however I don’t get any sound. Is this something to do with wiring. Also, the new unit has an extra plug that I...
1-3 of 3 Results