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  1. Brakes And Suspension
    I recently bought some new wheels and now the stock rotors are very visible. I’m wanting to upgrade them with drilled and slotted rotors , new calipers , and some good new pads. I’d prefer to get everything black but silver would work just fine. Unfortunately I’m having one heck of a time...
  2. Electronics
    Long story short I have replaced every halogen bulb on our Kona with LEDs. The 2022 has a different headlight (9005) than the previous model years. The Low and High bulb are the same bulb. It just uses a little flap to cover the bulb in lows instead of a different bulb or a second filament. I...
  3. Hyundai Kona EV General Discussion
    Does anyone else find the brakes on the Kona EV to be WAY to agressive and non-liniear? I drive mostly commute and the traffic and start and stop quickly. Yesterday the traffic came to a stop, I pushed the brakes (firm but not panic) and the tires locked up. It even seemed that they wouldn't...
1-3 of 3 Results