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-Kona AWD 1.6T
-Sonic Silver


Tork tune, Eibach Pro-Kit, AeroTech spring rubbers, lowered 2 inches, sub-frame collars, Whiteline i30 N semi ball (pinned for safety) front anti-dive bushings, (Pinned) Veloster N rear swing arm bushings, "waiting" for Whiteline Hyundai Multi-Link rear bushings, camber bolts, 1.5 neg camber on all 4s. Veloster N intercooler. Custom Veloster R-Spec air box. N-Line lower trans mount with both rubber voids filled with epoxy clay. PowerStop Z23 brake pads. MSD ignition coils. GBF BOV/recirculation valve.
- 2017 Hyundai Elantra GT Sport front seats. Schroth 3 point, anti-dive, DOT approved racing harness
- stock
- 4) Audio Frog speakers, Alpine amp, AudioControl LC7i
- stock
Pulled 2nd cat and resonator, added 2 1/4 stainless center pipe.
Wheel and Tire
- 18x8.5 silver rims and 235 45/18 Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 +


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Just curious why on earth would you want to lower an SUV / crossover of any kind... especially considering yours is AWD?

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Just curious why on earth would you want to lower an SUV / crossover of any kind... especially considering yours is AWD?
First off, the Kona AWD is not really a SUV, but more a crossover. A hatchback car that is lifted by thicker suspension sub-frames. Take those away or an easier way is lower it though conventional lowering methods to make it a car. So now I have a building ground for a small hot hatch with AWD. EXACTLY what I wanted, the almost perfect platform for a nice handling car for sport driving on a budget new hatchback. I would own an AWD in Death Valley if I lived there. It is #1 on the list for a car for me. It is a game changer.

Hit the red arrow in the center of the screen to start the video at the correct point, listen 5 mins.

Superior handling in almost every corner then a 2WD car. In some cases, by a drastically high margin.


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I have a FWD, but was eyeing a suspension kit similar to the one it looks like you've got. I stumbled upon a discussion of yours when I noticed that the suspension components of the Elantra GT and the Kona were almost identical. Did you end up going with the Eibach kit after you tried the N-Line components? What was your findings as far as compatibility? Finding suspension kits for the Elantra GT is much easier than the Kona.
Quest in finding better rear and front shock "Sport" valving