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  1. What is your average mpg so far?

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    I have a 2019 FDW 1.6 Limited. That means I have the dual clutch trans with turbo....2100 miles so far.....and I live in Atlanta. 22 mile commute...AWFUL traffic at least 11 of those miles each way..... I’ve tried using the normal driving trans position, but in traffic I really need more power...
  2. Hi! Considering a Kona...test drove yesterday!

    New Member Introductions
    I purchased a 2019 Kona LTD three weeks ago. Traded in my 2014 Elantra GT, which was a 6 speed manual...that was a fun car, but I’m 63 now and was getting tired of sitting so low to the ground. Plus the Elantra GT had only 156 ft lbs of torque. I live in Atlanta, land of never ending traffic...
  3. Sirius XM reception

    I listened on my drive home from work last night: as long as there were no trees, everything was fine. Any trees at all made it cut out...doesn’t happen with my wife’s car, which is an Elantra....I won’t be subscribing once the trial is over, but I would like it to work during the trial. This...
  4. My Kona LTD after 3 weeks...

    Hyundai Kona Owners Registry And Check In Area
    I’ve had my 2019 red Kona Ltd three weeks now.....VERY HAPPY!!! Traded in a manual 2014 Elantra GT for this.....couldn’t be happier! This morning I crossed 800 miles and for the first time I switched to sport mode. WHOA!!! What a difference! This thing will flat out MOVE! Plus the steering is...
  5. Sirius XM reception

    I’ve had my red 2019 LTD for a little over two weeks, and love it so far! But the satellite radio reception is pretty cuts out a LOT! I have a 2012 Elantra that doesn’t do that. Is the antenna on my new car that bad? Anyone else have this issue?
  6. Hello from The state of Georgia

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone! Just popping in to say “Hi”! This past Saturday I made the great decision to become part of this forum by purchasing a red Kona FWD Limited! So far, VERY happy! Traded in my 2014 Elantra GT, which was a 6 speed manual....that was fun for quite awhile, but I live in Atlanta (the...
1-6 of 6 Results