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  • Bad~Papa ·
    Mainia1, I apologize for deleting your off topic post ! I saw the reply b4 I realized it was in off topic. Feel free to post it again.. I agree.. google sucks !
    Mainia1 ·
    Yep, that s what I told him, he has so much "intent" he was guilty by just his posts.

    So, it looks as if I my be having a problem with my car already, erratic turbo boost. Works sometimes and 1/2 boost other times. Just not consistent. It looks like voltage to the wastegate is a MAJOR issue. and people are bring it back to the dealer 8 times a year to adjust the voltage. They want to control the boost instead of a simple mechanical wastegate that would save them millions on warranty repair.

    I bought my car from a dealer 1 hour away and I have a dealer 8 miles from me that I went to first, but they did not try to push finding a car for me like the other dealer did right off the bat, you snooze you lose it looks like. I want to wait till I have my plates because I don't want to drive in with another dealers selling plates on. Ha Ha.
    pnwkona ·
    How is going, so not sure if you have been keeping up with your Buddy JR (joking) he seems to have most of his little followers intrigued about what his plans are with his Kona. So he keeps this lie going about warranty tampering but posts openly that he has plans for a down pipe eventually after he installs a CAI from Shark racing and a axle back exhaust but if I recall the down pipe is a warranty killer and to today's post he states he has a piggyback ecu coming and touts numbers of over 200 hp and like 225 torque (unsure of numbers since I cannot see his posts unless I am not logged in) one thing is he has no clue adding that much hp/torque will have on the stock internals and the transmission which I doubt can handle that. I know that a WRX with CVT can only handle a very light tune due to the weak CVT.

    All of this Warranty BS coming from him and know others are wanting to follow him to possible disaster.
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